Grow your wealth by harnessing the power of decentralized finance

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Beema Save

Earn a stable 15% APY on your account balance through Anchor Protocol.

Beema Invest Coming soon

Add stocks, ETFs, crypto and more to your portfolio through Mirror Protocol.

Beema Pay Coming soon

Pay your friends and family just as you would with Cash App, Venmo or Paypal.

Beema Card Coming soon

Buy dinner at a restaurant or renew your subscriptions online with our card.

The future of finance

The way people think about money is changing. A stable 15% is no longer “too good to be true”, it’s becoming the standard. This revolution is powered by decentralized finance.

When you replace large institutions and banks with code, money that would have lined the pockets of rich execs gets distributed among the individuals who contribute to the network.

Breaking down barriers

You don’t have to worry about vetting projects, wallet security, volatile fees or a tedious transfer process to access the benefits of DeFi—make your first deposit in less than five minutes.

With Beema Finance

  • 1Sign up on this website
  • 2Provide KYC and tax information
  • 3Link your bank account
  • 4Deposit USD$2 + 0.5% fee

Without Beema Finance

  • 1Sign up on a crypto exchange
  • 2Provide KYC and tax information
  • 3Link your bank account
  • 4

    Transfer USD to the exchange

  • 5

    Purchase compatible assets

  • 6Create a compatible external wallet
  • 7

    Send assets to your wallet

  • 8Link your wallet to a compatible exchange
  • 9

    Swap assets for wrapped UST tokens

  • 10Link your wallet to Terra Bridge
  • 11Create a Terra wallet
  • 12

    Bridge UST to your Terra wallet

  • 13

    Deposit UST into Anchor


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