Grow your wealth by harnessing the power of decentralized finance

Earn up to 15% annually on your money and easily spend the profits.

The future of finance

The way people think about money is changing. High, stable yields deemed “too good to be true” are becoming the standard. This revolution is powered by decentralized finance.

When you replace large institutions and banks with code, money that would have lined the pockets of rich execs gets distributed among the individuals who contribute to the network.

$10k in Beema Finance
$10k in avg. bank

Simple, passive income

Preview how much interest you could be earning per day, week, month or year on your account balance using our calculator. All interest is generated through Anchor Protocol.

Offset your Amazon Prime membership

With an account balance of $793.34

Breaking down barriers

Eliminate the volatile fees, unpredictable conversion rates, security concerns and tedious transfer processes typically associated with decentralized finance. You can sign up, deposit and start earning interest in less than five minutes.

  • 1Verify your identity
  • 2Link your bank account
  • 3Deposit & start earning instantly

A smart way to spend

From buying dinner at your favorite restaurant to renewing your subscriptions online—our newly released virtual debit card has you covered.

Beema Cards

Ready to get started?

Digital currency is not legal tender, is not backed by any federal government and Beema Finance accounts are not insured. While Beema Finance and its custodial partners make every effort to keep your money safe and covered, please note that any investment entails risk. The interest and account balances presented on this page are for informational and reference purposes only and are not a guarantee of actual interest that may be earned. Actual earnings over time can vary depending on the dynamics of digital currency markets.